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40 Minute Depression: This is where the sea liner became the focal point from the inside

Even scientists did not know anything about the corona virus when one of the ship’s monsters, the Diamond Princess, appeared on board in February 2020. The isolated ship quickly became a focal point, with 712 people injured on board and fourteen dead in the cove.

HBO’s new documentary, The Last Cruise from Inside, attempts to reconstruct what happened from the time of the voyage until the time they were isolated, who then quickly and then disembarked.

On February 1, 2020, an email arrived on the account of Princess Cruise of the Diamond Princess cruise ship, in which health officials in Hong Kong warned that the ship had landed in Hong Kong, and that its eighty-year-old passenger had been tested for new corona viruses. Unfortunately, no one has seen this email because it was sent to an unused address. The traveler spent five days aboard the ship, so he had plenty of time to spread the virus. Based on the records in the document, he was able to do so under the actual optimal conditions for the virus. The banquet, gorgeous food, aerobics and cinema not only went with the thousands on the sea voyage in those five days, but went on for a long time even after that.
Although the email did not reach its destination, the warning was eventually received by the ship’s doctor who read it on social media.

Shortly afterwards, the captain announced that everyone would be temporarily in his room due to the infection, marking the beginning of the world’s most depressing isolation.

The documentary began on January 20, 2020, when the Diamond Prizes departed from the Japanese port of Yokohama with 2,666 passengers and 1,054 crew. In home videos, we meet actors, rich American couples and less fortunate members of the staff sleeping in windowless rooms, working 13-16 hours a day. Most of them are from very poor countries, sending wages home, and sometimes enjoy getting off the ship in some parts of the world. A sinkhole in Indonesia, Ted Samsool Fud, notes: Most people who think their work is stressful can’t even imagine what happens on such a boat.

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Feast on the Diamond Princess ship.Photo: HBO

For the first few days, everyone is a little scared, but they don’t particularly care about it. In particular, travelers don’t care so much.

It is no different. They sleep in a comfortable bed in their wonderful set, have breakfast on the balcony and welcome the fruit plates they received as gifts. Sure, they are overwhelmed by the news, the number of victims is increasing every day, but they are watching this from the cabin, relatively quietly waiting for it all to end. The staff who serve them, on the other hand, work the same way, having to work together all day in crowded rooms and finally being forced to sleep in their ridiculously small room in the evening. .

It is clear that workers are not protecting anything in the sky, they know exactly that. They can count on the help of not only their employer but also their government.

Tensions are rising significantly as the number of victims increases and two people are said to have died in Kovil. Meanwhile, the Japanese government It doesn’t handle well The situation and the world are watching to see what the outcome of the Petri dish rocking story at the port will be.

For Americans, the way their government sends a military plane for them is because most passengers slowly escape from the ship. But over time, when they make fun of the fact that they will miss the burger meat they get for lunch, the team members are no longer afraid of catching each other’s virus, but especially allowing them to starve. An Indian worker first speaks out against the situation, contacts an American TV channel and asks for help, and then when he sees that none of the Indonesians are dealing with them, they take action.

The workers realized the extent to which they were protected, well illustrated by rumors that they were going to sink the ship with them, simply allowing them to die.

Tide, an Indonesian worker on board.Photo: HBO

The director had no easy task, he had to put the story together from relatively poor quality video, mostly produced by mobile phone, but he did a good job. Luckily, he didn’t hit high balls, and since he didn’t touch the timeline, the story was still creepy. The fact that the characters describe events makes the whole thing look like a horror.

But an epidemic, deaths and thousands of people could be stranded on a ship for weeks, yet one of the most unpleasant moments in the film, when an American jokes half-jokingly, fears that the plane carrying them home will not be something convenient. The last trip was at least about social inequality and slave labor, which was about the corona virus epidemic. At one point in the film, Ted notes, “This corona virus condition affects my mental health.”

It is a well-known fact that suicide is becoming more common in marine liners, and that workers are mentally prepared to sleep in critically exhausted rooms, even when not dealing with the first days of epidemics. The Bloomberg He previously wrote that about 100 passengers or crew on the sea liners died in the cove, but at least six of the crew members stranded at sea due to the epidemic died. In most cases, there is a risk of suicide. One of them is a Hungarian man, Joseph, who works at Carnival Breeze Volt.