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5 ideas for learning English at home

5 ideas for learning English at home

Always busy or forced to stay home due to external conditions – this is what most adults’ lives look like today. Can we even consider learning English under these circumstances? Can this be done when the possibilities to travel to the language school are very limited? Yeah! The solution is to learn English online. We suggest how to do this.

Is it possible to learn English at home?

Most of us associate learning English with traditional group classes that take place twice a week in the same class at a language school. But learning English doesn’t have to be this way these days. You can learn this language without leaving your home comfortably and save time and all thanks to the possibilities that the Internet provides.

The most important thing is the correct motivation and purpose of learning

It is worth noting that modern technology and online tools alone do not guarantee success in learning, as well as participation in English language lessons in a language school. The first and most important step is setting your motivation and learning goal. It is worth answering a few questions: Why do you want to learn? How will your life change for the better when you master the English language – will you be able to get a better job? Will your income increase? Getting the upgrade you want? Will your academic career gain momentum? Will you have easier access to knowledge and information from all over the world? Are you going to develop your company? Wouldn’t you be afraid to go on vacation abroad? Would you feel comfortable visiting your children and grandchildren who live abroad? Or maybe you will finally fulfill your dream of knowing the most important language in the world?

Also consider the level of language proficiency you wish to achieve. Do you want to obtain a certificate confirming your skills? In what situations will the English language be used?

Determining our motivation and purpose helps a lot with learning, especially at times when we are overwhelmed by fatigue or suspicion, which can happen to anyone. It also allows for optimum learning planning.

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How can you learn English at home?

How to learn English without leaving home? Simple! It is enough to use the Internet for this purpose and change some of your daily habits a little. An easy and fun way to learn English at home is to combine it with … have fun and have fun.

Learn English online

Thanks to the internet, we can do many of the things that until recently required us to be in different places, completely remotely, without moving from the comfortable sofa. You don’t have to go to the bank to pay your bills or go to the store to do your shopping. Instead of traditional mails, we choose e-mail, and libraries face stiff competition in the form of websites with audiobooks and e-books. The Internet is also a great resource for learning English that you can use in a number of ways.

English from the sites

Did you know that around 80% of internet content is published in the English language? This means that you have millions of websites at your disposal on every conceivable topic that you can use in your studies.

If your adventure with the English language has started recently and you are not ready to challenge original materials, choose websites created specifically for learning English. Many of them provide completely free access to fun materials and exercises at all levels. It is worth choosing those who are sponsored by well-known publishing houses and organizations, such as Oxford, Cambridge, BBC or the British Council.

Online English course at Language School

The best way to learn English at home is to invest in a quality English language course online. By learning online with the help of qualified and experienced teachers, you have the best chance of achieving your goals quickly. At Speak Up, the course begins with identifying your needs and developing an individualized study plan. The Personal Teacher monitors its implementation and you can always turn to them for additional help.

Speak Up students not only benefit from online English lessons. They also have access to multimedia lessons on a modern e-learning platform, where they practice listening comprehension, writing, reading, vocabulary, grammar and correct pronunciation. They are not restricted by the schedule set for the whole year in advance. The online English course at Speak Up school has a flexible schedule that students can adapt to according to their needs and abilities.

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Learn English with YouTube

YouTube has content about everything from baking cookies to building a spaceship. The English language is no exception. As with websites, you can use YouTube in two ways. The first is simply to watch videos of the topics that interest you, but only in English. If it’s tough for you, remember to turn on auto-generated captions. There are funny problems and bugs in less popular languages, but YouTube is great in English.

Also use the channels for learning English with videos, dialogues, vocabulary explanations and grammar.

Watch movies and series in English

Now let’s move on to the slight change in our daily habits that we mentioned earlier. If you are a fan of movies and series, we have good news for you. You can use this to improve your English. All you have to do is select the original language when launching Netflix. In the case of elementary and junior level students, the use of Polish translation is permitted. If you can boast of a B1 level or higher – choose English translation.

Quitting dubbed copies or with a Polish teacher is a small sacrifice that will bring big benefits – you will learn new words and phrases, you will get acquainted with the sound of the English language and you will learn to understand many expressions from context.

Listen to audio books in English

Audiobooks have won the hearts of millions of people around the world. Thanks to this coordination, we can interact with literature while driving, cleaning, running, walking the dog, cooking, ironing … and it’s also a great tool for learning English. Choose a work from your favorite author or start with simplified versions for English language learners. Listening to audio books in English is a classic mix of business and pleasure.

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Listen to podcasts in English

Podcast is another success in recent years. The radio broadcasts, which you can listen to at any time on the Internet, are outpacing the popularity of the traditional form of listening to the radio, and just like platforms like Netflix, they win with strict TV shows. There is a large selection of podcasts on the Internet – from very simple podcasts for beginners to very difficult ones, which are not recorded for English language learners, but by native speakers.

Playing board games and videos in English

Are you a fan of the games? Fabulous! Both “board games” and computer games can be a completely fun form of learning English. The famous “scribble” needs no introduction. There are also many other noteworthy games on the market that help you improve your English language skills, such as “Word Brawl”, “Absolutely English” and for the experts – “Dungeons and Dragons Lord of Waterdeep”.

Video games, especially in multiplayer mode, are a more interesting form of learning English. All you have to do is select the English version, so that all dialogs, instructions and descriptions appear in the English version. Also try to play with people from other countries that you will communicate with in English. It’s a great way to practice and develop your skills without leaving your home!


Learning English online is possible and does not require any great amount of work or technical knowledge. You can try self-study online or take a professional English language course online. The first solution is cheaper, and the second solution will get you to your destination faster. You can also choose to combine all the learning methods we have included in the article. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with your choice and that you are satisfied with it.

The material was created in cooperation with Speak Up, the # 1 English language school on the Polish market. You can check the complete offer of online language courses on the site