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Marlena Maląg

500 plus new in Nowy Lada? “Helping young and old parents”

Nowy Zad is an “investment in a Polish family.”. Marlena Maląg revealed that in addition to the 500 plus, the program will include solutions for both young and old parents.

500 plus It will continue, but it is not known at what date Circumstances. Until now, there was a lot of speculation: Father. Interest increased to 700 PLN, a Withdrawal of the right to money from better-income Poles, And even limit its spending Only for parents who have been vaccinated.

One thing is certain: the government does not intend to abandon the program that made him so popular with voters. Prime Minister Matthews Murawiecki has already announced that the New Deal is coming Continuation of 500 plus, Minister Marlena Mallig, in turn, added that “new solutions for parents of young and old are also being prepared.”

500 plus in Novi Lada. Investments in a Polish family

New deal It will be shown on Saturday, May 15, 2021. The government wants its program to link to better times Easing restrictions, On that day, the obligation to wear masks outdoors will also disappear and the serving gardens will open, so you can go with your friends for a beer.

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The solutions prepared by the government remain classified, but the prime minister and ministers are beginning to indicate what to expect. Marlena Mallig, Minister of Family and Social Policy, at Polsat News has opened the veil of secrecy a little.

The solutions will definitely serve families with young children, and will encourage young people to make decisions about starting a family. (…) Young people need first and foremost housing, stable work and some changes in the context of work flexibility and need care for children between one and three years old. (…) We need a robust housing program, and these solutions are definitely pioneering.

Marlena Mallig

It follows from the announcement that the government is planning a program to support young married couples when purchasing apartments. Mallig added that we should expect “investments in the Polish family – whether in the social sphere, or directed towards families with young children, the elderly, as well as the powerful.” Support the economy.

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Count retired money

Matthews Murawiecki

Support for the elderly is definitely not the case 14- Pension: The financial plan for the next few years does not include any money to pay it off. The funds for the 500-plus index were not indicated there, which was confirmed by the minister saying that we still have to wait for this moment. The possible date for the 500-plus increase is 2023, because after that the parliamentary elections will be held.

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Marlena Mallig

Car with 500 plus sticker

The program can help retirees and retirees Grandma Plus, The idea is to pay money to grandparents who take care of young children. He also found himself in speculation about new software Car Plus: Co-financing for families to buy a car.

Mallig added that programs that will not be direct financial support will appear in Novi Lada.

The Polish system consists of the following areas: a health plan, fair work – decent pay, a decade of development, family and home in the middle of life, Poland – our land, school and culture friendly for a new century, good corporate climate, clean energy – clean air, CyberPoland 2025, autumn Golden for life.

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