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Apple iOS 14.5 New Update Block User Tracking How To Download

At the end of June 2020, during the WWDC conference an Apple Announce that there will be additional guarantees of privacy in the upcoming iOS 14.

In line with the assumptions of this strategy IOS 14 It will require apps They obtain explicit consent from iPhone and iPad users to track their online behavior outside of these programs. This is done through an additional popup in each app, where the user will be able to consent to tracking using something called IDFA, which is an identifier for advertisers.

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Fight for advertising

Now there is information that Apple It intends to implement the previously planned changes starting Monday, May 3, 2021. This will happen via an iOS update to 14.5..

Apple has announced privacy restrictions for iOS users Caused great concern in the advertising industryBecause it will lead to far fewer possibilities for targeting ads on the web than before.

From the beginning Facebook has been one of the biggest critics of Apple’s plans. Already in August last year. In the company’s blog, the website acknowledged that the changes prepared by Apple will have negative financial consequences for the portal itself and the thousands of advertisers promoting their products and services.

As part of the resistance to the new strategy, Apple Facebook launched a massive PR campaign Listed, among other things, ads in the press warning of the iPhone factory’s plans.

As reported by The New York Times, the dispute between Apple and Facebook over user privacy has been building for a long time. According to the magazine information In 2019, there was a meeting between Tim Cook, the president of Apple, and Mark Zuckerberg, the president of Facebook.

During the conversation, Tim Cook pointed out issues with the data collected on the network Mark Zuckerberg advised removing all information about internet users outside of Facebook’s ecosystem. Then the head of the social media site was supposed to react with sudden and resolute resistance against such a solution.

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Later, the president of Apple in statements to the media several times confirmed this Facebook’s business model is unacceptable from a privacy standpoint.

In response, Facebook representatives argued that the basis of Apple’s policy It is not a concern for the safety of users, but a desire for greater returns. The site argued that the iPhone manufacturer is standing on the internet side, which will become more expensive due to paid apps and restrict users’ access to free content and services.

Major changes in the advertising sector

In talks with, experts in the e-commerce and advertising industry There is no doubt that Apple’s changes in the privacy of iOS users will have a serious impact on the market. Details on this topic are provided by Adam Depa, Director of Digital Marketing Strategy at 4Finance.

In fact, Apple will significantly limit the collection of IDFA (an identifier for advertisers), and now this will only be possible with informed consent from the user, so the amount of information collected will decrease from 95 to 10-15 percent. (Hard to estimate) – Adam Depa admits. – IDFA allows you to check what the app user did with it, what he bought, whether he was registered, etc. This can be verified between applications. This enables optimization of the ad buying algorithms, which are used by all ad buying devices (DSP for mobile, Facebook, AdMob, etc.).

In the opinion of our interlocutor, the lack of this will lead to It will not be known who took the action the advertiser wanted, Which means that the ML algorithms optimizing for campaigns will not be able to continue to do so as before and will be much worse.

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This means that the effectiveness of the money spent on advertising will decrease, and ironically, users may start seeing ads that do not match them – Depa explains. – Facebook has already announced that it will close Facebook Analytics soon, because in light of the changes in iOS and the announced death of cookies, this product is losing its raison d’être.

According to the expert, we must remember this It will only (for now) affect iOS users, that’s around 10-15 percent in Poland, but 45 percent in Denmark.

– The new reality will be a challenge for marketers – Depa admits. – I think that the changes will ultimately lead to greater integration of players in the publishing market (games, applications, and websites), and the implementation of advertising activities will focus more and more on private data (the so-called first-party), and the good old marketing laws will remain as they are.

Grzegorz Błażewicz, co-founder and CEO of the Salesmanago platform, thinks so The current changes introduced by Apple mean serious impacts and the potential for new solutions to appear on the market.

– The issue of third-party cookies and their role in the context of protecting personal data has been discussed for many years, but it is worth considering the actual drivers of the changes we are observing now – Grzegorz assesses Błażewicz. First, a public discussion on the practicalities of data ethics has turned out to be more effective than introducing more legal regulations on protecting personal data. Data ethics was already cited at 78 percent. Marketers as an essential component of activities. And recently, Gartner published the official definition of data ethics, which is a system of values ​​and ethical principles related to the responsible collection, use, and sharing of data.

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Secondly, in the opinion of the head of Salesmanago, companies from the so-called in recent years, Big Tech has expanded the scope of its activities a lot They are starting to walk on their feet and the discussion about data privacy is just one area where there is a slight slap in the face.

In my opinion, in the long run this will lead to the emergence of a new system, with new solutions, of which at the end of the day are 100 percent. The consumers will be the beneficiaries.

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Our interlocutor points out that in the region Salesmanago operates in, i.e. customer data management We’ve all focused on first-party data and zero for a long time.

– The most interesting thing is Zero Party’s data, that is, information about preferences that the customer voluntarily leaves himself, because he trusts a certain brand thanks to its complete transparency in dealing with the data – Błażewicz confirms. – Many new solutions are being developed that will improve the management of this data. These are modules of the Customer Preference Management type. At this point, we are expanding this unit ourselves, so that it meets the growing expectations of our customers. Whoever has this zero data and the first party is reacting to the current changes without any emotions. This applies not only to e-commerce companies, but also to publishers who have a strong loyal customer base.