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Camel Glick got the match ball!  The pole is completely broken [WIDEO] Pike Nona

Camel Glick got the match ball! The pole is completely broken [WIDEO] Pike Nona

Benevento’s position before the last round is tough, but nothing has been decided yet. The point scored in Sunday’s meeting with Croton (1: 1), the penultimate team in the schedule, although it may be dissatisfied, may be decisive in Are fighting To stay in it League.

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Camel Glick got a match ball! The pole is completely broken [ELEVEN SPORTS]

Full glick Benevento could save a victory over Croton. The Polish defender had possession of the match ball in the 95th minute but was unsuccessful in defeating the opposing goalkeeper, and after the match he fell on the field. It looked as if he had already dealt with being caught in Serie a B. Meanwhile, his team’s status is still not that bad.

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The entire Glyc team still has a chance to stay in the First Division

Much depends on the Monday meeting Turin From Lazio. If Torino scored even one point, he would remain in the first division, thereby denying himself any chance to preserve Benevento. However, this is an unlikely scenario. Torino’s defeat will mean that his fate will be decided in the final, in a direct confrontation between Turin and Benevento.

An entire Glick team, despite being three points behind in the last game, will not be in a losing position. Torino will play at home and will only need a draw. However, if Benevento wins, the balance of direct matches will be decisive. In the first match, there was a 2: 2 draw, so the entire Glick team would have won to stay in the First Division.