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Chrome OS expands its operating system reach

It has been over 10 years now since Chrome OS redefined the desktop working system. Whereas digital desktops have been round because the days we used VT-102 terminals to run Unix shells from distant mainframes and minicomputers, Google’s Chrome OS showed us that we could run modern GUI-style desktops from the cloud.

That half continues to be very important. I have been watching the desktop transfer from PCs to the cloud for a decade now. However, Chrome OS additionally has the distinctive characteristic of incorporating different working methods into its choices. That was underlined lately at Google I/O’s Chrome OS keynote.

A lot of what Google’s folks needed to say was spectacular, however not shocking. Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the rise of working and studying from dwelling, may anybody be shocked that IDC reported that Chromebook gross sales rose by 92% throughout 2020? I believe not.

Would you be shocked to be taught that Chromebook gross sales aren’t slowing down within the least? I wasn’t. Certainly, they’re dashing up. In response to gross sales knowledge analyst agency Canalys, Chromebook sales have surged by 275% within the first quarter alone in comparison with 2020’s first quarter.

There are all types of causes for that. Chromebooks are low-cost, simple to safe, and, not like Home windows the place each new Patch Tuesday is an journey, Chrome OS updates click on alongside continuously with no second’s fear or concern.

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