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Corona virus live news: Rising cases kill second wave in India and Iran imposes 10-day lockout

Dozens of Naples shoppers took to the streets on Saturday carrying women’s underwear to protest the prolongation of their businesses due to corona virus restrictions, the AFP reported.

The campaign is one of a few areas Italy High-level red zone restrictions, which mean most stores are closed, were extended for at least a week on Friday.

In the central shopping district of Xia, shopkeepers formed a human network, holding women’s underwear and holding signs such as “We can no longer pay rent and bills”, “The government has forgotten us”.

Lingerie has become a symbol of resistance from retailers in Naples because linen is the staple and the shops that show it will be open at the end of the day.

Many have started selling women’s underwear, “because they have families to feed them, they have rent and staff to support them,” Carla della Corte, head of the retail lobby at Conformercio, told courier della Sera.

“[Selling] He added: “Underwear is a way to survive.”

The meeting was attended by about 150 shopkeepers, according to the local newspaper El Matino.

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