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Disney + already has 103.6 million subscribers. However, the company is disappointing

Although Disney + is second only to Netflix The largest video-on-demand service, Disney is somewhat disappointed with the results.

The company assumed that it would be able to attract 110.3 million subscribers. However, data as of April 3, 2021 shows that There are 103.6 million of them. That’s how many people pay Disney + every month The company managed to acquire it in 17 months.

Disney + as a platform with primarily movies and series wants to attract brands such as “Star Wars” and series and movies based on Marvel comics, Pixar cartoons, or National Geographic nature documents. The site also has an extensive catalog of new and old items from Disney itself.


Currently the most popular VOD platform Netflix, which currently has 208 million subscribers worldwide (Data from April 2021). Disney, in turn, expects to have around 230-260 million subscribers a month in 2024.

TVP 4K in DVB-T digital terrestrial television.  Start before Euro 2020

TVP 4K in DVB-T digital terrestrial television. Start before Euro 2020

Disney + in Poland not yet available. In December 2020, the company announced this It should enter eastern European markets early in 2021. It should be noted that although we have not yet acquired the Polish version of Disney +, the website library already has some titles with Polish subtitles, audio commentary or dubbing.