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Doda wins with the bank.  It is a Swiss franc loan

Doda wins with the bank. It is a Swiss franc loan

“In 2008, Millennium Bank, claiming that it wanted to compensate me for my disclosure and sale of my personal data and the content of the transfer of one of their employees to the tabloid, offered me a loan on“ particularly attractive terms ”as part of a settlement and“ compensation ”- the franc loan was“ cheap ”and safe I was young and trusted the bank – Rabczewska wrote on Instagram.

After a few years, the exchange rate of the franc changed drastically and the premiums increased by several hundred percent. As the singer wrote, she had to pay several thousand zlotys every month for 13 years. Zloty.

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“The trial lasted more than 5 years and began at a time when few cashiers had the courage to go to trial with the bank. When my trial began, positive judgments took place, the banks were confident and did not agree to any honest judgments. Borrowers settle” – writes Rabczewska.

On May 5, the court ruled that the contract was invalid, and that bank employees had acted unethically toward the singer.


“I was not informed of the currency risks or the credit mechanisms that are risky to me, which could lead to an unlimited increase in debt,” Duda writes. “I hope this case will appear to all the injured franc borrowers who fear lawsuits with the banks and continue to repay their loans in Swiss francs that you cannot give away, and that you can win with the giant.”