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European Central Bank President said that "the elderly live long"?  There is no evidence for this

European Central Bank President said that “the elderly live long”? There is no evidence for this

In April, Polish netizens sent a social media quote by Christine Lagarde. The French, who has been president of the European Central Bank since November 2019, said, “The elderly are living for a long time and this poses a threat to the global economy. We have to do something about it.” Previously, she held the position of Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for eight years.

For some trainees, especially those with coronary scans, these words from the President of the European Central Bank will demonstrate that the COVID-19 pandemic was a blueprint for getting rid of the elderly. “As they declared, so they do …” – he said on Facebook An internet user on April 16th. “This is what they do! Except in the hands of others. Does anyone have any kind of suspicion?” – Commented On April 24th, a Twitter user. And she wrote, “This is a” pandemic “so that there are no old people.” same day Another Internet user.

A wave of hate and critical comments about the ECB president soon surfaced on the Internet. “Given her age, can she set a good example for others and … start with herself?” – I wrote on Facebook An internet user on April 10th. “Let’s protect the elderly” – I wrote on April 23 A Twitter user. The old woman said: “Old people live long”; “She looks like this old to me, and she should be merciful now and set an example for the population”; “At what age does her old age begin, because she is already 65 years old”; “These idiots, deprived of all goodness and morals, rule the world”; “Let him give an example” – commented by netizens within this post (all posts are spelled original). Not all entries are suitable for citation at all.

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However, Christine Lagarde did not say or write anything of the sort where, or where, or under what circumstances, were the participants in these discussions.

The retirement revolution has become a reality Video: tvn24

Nine years quote circulating on the Internet. There is no evidence of its authenticity

As foreign fact-checking portals were already noticed in the mid-2020s, social media entries have circulated with words Lagarde was supposed to say on the web since 2012 – and they have been translated into various languages. For example One of the French entries From December 2020 it has been shared a thousand times, and again, Created half a year ago, Above a thousand.

In Poland, entries with these words also appeared earlier. We found, among other things, posts From April 2020 With October 2019. It is worth paying attention to Commentary from 12 March 2020 on the “Gazeta Warszawska” website. “Coronavirus did not appear by chance” – we read in it, and under it is a text from … 2019, in which this “quote” from the President of the European Central Bank was quoted.

News validation portals have found no confirmation that Lagarde is the author of the quoted words. They present the position of the European Central Bank’s press service on this issue, which denied the validity of the quote. In an expression For dp a The European Central Bank’s press office said the quote was “incorrect”. It’s presumably taken from a 2016 speech by Christine Lagarde, but the words of the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund at the time were misquoted.

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It’s an English language statement from March 2016 during a visit to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Christine Lagarde, among others at the time, noted that in some regions of the world, especially South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, the population will continue to grow rapidly, while other regions of the world – including more advanced and emerging market economies – will face population aging. And shrink them. In her view, this would have dire consequences for the economy, financial markets, social stability and geopolitics. This, in her view, could lead to unsustainable public debt and steep tax increases, which in turn could stifle growth and reduce people’s economic well-being. In her view, to counter this, states must increase their participation in the issue of pensions and health systems.

However, there was no quote in this letter that netizens attribute to Lagarde.

What is the source of the 2012 report? But the message was different there

Fact-checking editorial offices suspect that the words attributed to Lagarde may have appeared on the web after the IMF made the publication in April 2012. “Global Financial Stability Report”. Lagarde, then Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, However, she was not present at the April 11 press conferenceThat has been reported.

As he knows The French portal CheckNews.frChapter 4 of the report examines the potential risks of increasing the life expectancy of the global economy. The document’s authors wrote, explaining what they intended to do: “The risks of longevity must be recognized and addressed.” It is mainly about raising the retirement age. Therefore, the authors of the document do not want to reduce life expectancy, but to make countries more ready for their growth.

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As reported by mid-2020 Spanish fackt verification portal Maltida.esIn 2012, the International Monetary Fund also published another report, which also notes the consequences of population aging for the global economy: “World Economic Outlook”. It calls on countries to take more decisive measures to contain the increase in age-related spending.

12 October 2020 on Press Conference Christine Lagarde referred, inter alia, to the issue of population aging. But she did not utter the words attributed to her. Nor was there a citation in any of the aforementioned reports.