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French schools are closed, parents get help, and Macron admits mistakes

On Easter weekend, you decide who will spend next month and where.

To control the corona virus outbreak, he announced on television that restrictions would be extended to the entire country for the first two weeks on Saturday, in Paris and in eighteen districts for two weeks. Emmanuel Macron President. The essence of the so-called “third passenger” solution is that these measures do not force people to stay at home, writes MTI.

The government recommends working from home. The night curfew order continues to apply from 7pm to 6am, during the day you can only leave the house within a 10km radius, the outdoor assembly is allowed up to six people, except for emergency, inter-district traffic is prohibited. , Official matters, but the latter case requires written confirmation.

Only basic necessities can be opened, but apart from pharmacies, grocery stores and gas stations, there are music and bookstores, hairdressers, florists and DIY shops.

The head of state announced that schools, kindergartens and crches would be closed for three weeks. The first week will be distance learning followed by a spring break of two weeks. From April 26, preschool and elementary school students, and from May 3, high school students will return to institutions. This school year, with the exception of Europe, schools have not yet been closed, although the opposition and educators’ unions have insisted this is in contrast to the parent unions.

In fact, the virus spreads in educational institutions, but not better than elsewhere.

This is what Emmanuel Macron said, indicating that schools are still open to protect the mental health of young people and to prevent underprivileged students from studying. Parents are unable to accommodate their children, so they receive unemployment benefits that require them to stay at home or work from home. All other wage earners and entrepreneurs are guaranteed supplementary wage subsidies to date.

The president stressed that Easter weekend traffic is still free, so everyone can choose where they want to spend next month.From mid-May, the reopening of cultural institutions, cafes and restaurant terraces may begin subject to strict rules.

In mid-May and before the start of summer, we will publish a timetable for the gradual opening of culture, sports, leisure, events, cafes and restaurants.

– After the number of critically ill patients exceeds the size of the autumn peaks, a significant number of epidemiologists should impose a strict ban on leaving the home, the head of state said. Emmanuel Macron ordered a less severe closure, but highlighted that the number of intensive beds would rise to 10,000, just like last spring’s defense.

New beds are opening up, especially in hospitals in Paris, where there is no need to “postpone further surgery”. The President especially thanked him

Medical students, retirees, military medical service and all volunteers,

Those involved in skill development.

The head of state made it clear that the main goal is to speed up the vaccination campaign.

At each stage of this epidemic, we can say that we could have done better what we did wrong. This is all true

He agreed. At the same time, the President added that they persevered and learned from mistakes and improved every time.