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Google Pixel 6 with a special processor and a great bonus

Google Pixel 6 with a special processor and a great bonus

Google Pixel 6 may make its debut with Google’s own processor, and exclusive rewards in the program can only improve interest in this model.

What can be improved for Google Pixel 6 Are you becoming more competitive? The most trivial answer is to finally replace the camera array and give the user unique reasons to choose it over the other key signs. After today’s leak, I can see at least two such reasons for myself.

The XDA website was able to find some code snippets inside AOSP (Android open source project), According to what the Google Pixel 6 may debut with a Google proprietary processor. SoC under a symbolic name Whitechapel. At the moment, we don’t have any benchmarks, but we all know it’s about Android optimization for a specific system, not numbers.

Google Pixel 6 z procesorem Whitechapel / for. XDA

The second thing is the software mentioned above. Google Photos is the only good and useful Android gallery for me, and I can’t imagine switching to any other tool. Google knows I’m not the only one and I will begin Realizing their full potential. As you can read below – it won’t be cheap at all. Pixels have unlimited access to such a service – and they may only be of limited quality.

Hey, it’s Google! You’ll pay to use the photos starting next month

Another fact worth mentioning in the context of the Pixel 6 is the camera. Over the years, the quality of the photos taken by Google phones has seemed like magic – of course, considering the components used. We heard long ago that this year’s smartphone would finally have a new matrix.

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The remaining leaks indicate that it is Samsung ISOCELL GM2, the largest sensor currently used in a smartphone. We can find it, for example, at Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra.