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Health!  - Idiot, or what war learned:

Health! – Idiot, or what war learned:

Millions of deaths, trillions of economic losses worldwide, countless and devastating social costs. More than a year after the outbreak of the epidemic, we are still far from the final victory, but no one can question the apparent fact that the most important investment in the new world that will emerge must be investment in health.

This year, V already Empowering Patient Kongres He will be very much dedicated to the future. The closest, which we should start creating today. How to effectively protect communities from the biggest health threats, how to enhance the role of the patient in the healthcare system, and how to provide patients with access to the latest treatments. All these questions will be answered by conference guests – eminent experts in the field of medicine, health decision-makers, and patient representatives.

If we ask a question – and it’s the most important thing in healthcare today – the answer will depend on the region of the person we’re asking. Money – some will say, access to innovation – others will rightfully add, someone else will remember a better healthcare organization …

Contrary to all appearances, they will not be right.

There is one correct answer – the patient is the most important. The rest is just measures to meet his health needs.

Even the best theoretical solutions will not work if those who have had any involvement in the creation of the health care system forget, even for a moment, what is the only point of reference and the goal of all activities – the patient’s well-being.

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We invite you all to participate in the 5th Online Patient Empowerment Conference on April 27-28, 2021. We start at 9:00 AM.

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