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Spotkanie najważniejszych europejskich polityków odbyło się w Porto (fot. PAP/Mateusz Marek)

Morawiecki at the European Union Summit: Tax Fair and Economic Growth

Matthews Murawiecki returned to Poland on Saturday afternoon from a two-day visit to Portugal, where he represented Poland during the Social Summit and the informal meeting of the European Council. One of the topics of the talks was the use of money from the European Reconstruction Fund. The Prime Minister wrote on social media that some of them would be used to “polarize or re-colonize the entire public procurement law.”

The Prime Minister in Porto: We insist that there be as many vaccines as possible in Europe

I am strongly in favor of circulating vaccine patents and boosting production – Prime Minister Matthews emphasized …

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At the same time, we also know that (…) with the development of production capacity, we will be able to deliver vaccines to other countries in the world faster, and this is a global pandemic. Globally, that is, we really need to vaccinate at least 70-80 of the world’s population, as the Prime Minister emphasized.

What kind of union after COVID-19?

The prime minister wrote on Facebook that Saturday’s talks also concern what the union will look like after the coronavirus pandemic is brought under control.

Discussions focused on the social optimal model. She proudly presented our accomplishments, our social model where the family is at the center. We have already partially rebuilt the tax system to serve and raise families and children, ”the prime minister wrote.

Murawiecki also noted “the need for tax justice and rapid economic growth.”

In his view, the European Reconstruction Program funds will contribute to “the largest acceleration of investment programs in the history of Poland”.

The deliberations continued at the Social Summit in Porto late at night due to the multiplicity of issues and what …

Posted by Matthews Murawiecki Saturday, May 8, 2021

“In Porto, we agreed on the rules under which European companies should benefit from this. I will add that small and medium-sized Polish companies can benefit first and foremost. In this way, we also want to attract or recolonize the entire public procurement law. Size, in line with European Union law, has different preferences in this area, ”


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