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NASA has published its first color aerial view of Mars.  It will be "higher, farther, faster"

NASA has published its first color aerial view of Mars. It will be “higher, farther, faster”

In the photo, in addition to Mars, the Mars Perseverance craft that launched the drone is shown, NASA says.

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NASA has published its first color aerial photograph of Mars. I did that drone

– Installed in the fuselage of a helicopter and directing it about 22 degrees below the horizon, the HD Color Creation Camera contains a sensor of 4208 x 3120 pixels, NASA. As it describes BBC“The small Ibdaa drone flew five meters above the ground, tilted and moved two meters to the side, then turned around and went down to where it took off.” Much It lasted 51.9 seconds, and the drone was moving at half a meter per second.

“Higher, farther, faster” – announces NASA. There will be more flights

The BBC said that, too NASA He wants every subsequent trip Rover The drone raised the tape. The third consecutive flight is scheduled for Sunday. This time, although the drone will reach the same altitude, it will travel at speeds of up to two meters per second, and the flight will take 80 seconds.

A unique find in the Baltic Sea. Caterpillar is 44 million years old in amber

The drone is the first powered aircraft that humanity has sent to another Universe from Earth. It turns out that he copes well in difficult conditions. Mars’ atmosphere has a lower density than Earth’s, and therefore requires a much faster rotational speed for propellers.

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