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"Paradise 3 Hotel": The cameras showed a close-up of Pepe and Simon.  it was hot!

“Paradise 3 Hotel”: The cameras showed a close-up of Pepe and Simon. it was hot!

During the broadcast of the new episode of “Paradise Hotel”, a close-up of Pepe and Simon was shown! The watchful eye of the camera monitors the husband’s every move, and viewers can see the footage. Something like this in the current version of the show has not happened yet. Boils with heat and emotions! The heroes said “Probably from 200 degrees”.

It’s getting hotter and hotter in the “Paradise Hotel”. In the final episode, the participants had to perform various tasks, including. Offending other hotel residents. Simon heard that he was “very interested in other women,” and Louisa said that she “had no opinion and allowed herself to be manipulated,” Morris being a “little princess”, and Cornelia that she “eats too much”.

Not everyone took these comments with caution. Kornelia took the comments personally and decided that she would take care of her personality and eating habits upon her return to Poland.

After the match, the program participants talked about the new resident, Justina. “With me, he will win nothing, but at least he offers a new atmosphere,” Morrissey said about it. Her breasts were also included in the wallpaper. “These aren’t her breasts, I think,” Louisa speculated. “They are done,” Krzysztof said. In return, Kornelia wondered where Justyna could have gotten the money to pay for plastic surgery at such a young age …

While others were discussing Justina’s magic, Pepe and Simon took the opportunity to sneak into the bedroom. They went there! For the first time, cameras showed a close-up of the couple. It was hard not to notice that it was really hot between them.

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