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Persuading the undecided will determine the success of the vaccinations

Persuading the undecided will determine the success of the vaccinations

Experts warn that it may not be easy to achieve herd immunity against COVID-19 in Poland. From the Polish Economic Institute (PIE) report “From vaccines to vaccines. How can society be effectively involved in combating the epidemic?” Vaccination appears to be supported by less than half of Poles. – The key is to fight for the undecided, fight for everyone. – Dr. In Medical Sciences Iona Baradowska-Stankovi, National Consultant in Epidemiology.

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In Poland, undecided, 37 percent. Adult Community – According to PIE Research. They are mainly elderly, which – according to the professor. Paradowska-Stankiewicz – may demonstrate that this group is either uninformed or unable to handle vaccination registration alone.

– This is a group that needs to address speeches and informational messages about the benefits and risks of vaccinations and give a tentative space for decision-making – encouraged the epidemiologist on Monday during a PIE debate summarizing the results of the study. She noted that such a task could be performed, among other things, by specialists and family doctors.

According to Paradowska-Stankiewicz, it would also be nice to reach out to vaccine opponents (18% of those surveyed by PIE), but not to encourage them to change their minds just to hear the arguments. “The idea is to present the facts about vaccination in a logical way that does not cause opposition and outright denial,” explains the epidemiologist.

Among other things, the success in immunization hinders the polarization of the political scene. This undoubtedly contributes to the rulers ’mistrust. Also the motives of human nature. Each of us is entangled in a perspective that depends on the workplace and the environment – says the professor. Andrzej Zybertowicz, sociologist and social advisor to the president.

Also of concern when making decisions about vaccinations is the lack of authority figures. More than half of the respondents admitted by the PIE that they are not influenced by the opinions of moral authorities (such as Pope Francis) or political or scientific authorities. According to the professor. Zybertowicz, may result from the wrong beliefs of the respondents. They fall under the stream of excessive thought and imagine that they are thinking for themselves. Behavioral economics shows that our independent thinking is fragmentary, says the sociologist.

Polish national vices may have an effect on a negative attitude towards vaccinations. – Traditional Polish aversion to authority, low level of discipline and anarchist tendencies – the professor enumerates. Ziberovi. However, according to the sociologist and journalist, there are ways to do this. a. Zybertowicz suggests that part of the arguments for the common good, which is vaccination, should be combined with the arguments for the environment. A large part of society feels responsible for the state of the planet. The fight against global warming has the elements of a new secular religion. The war against the pandemic could use similar arguments – the professor suggests. Ziberovi.

An argument that should be left unmentioned, as it will not have a mobilization effect on the vaccination system, is – according to experts – the introduction of Covid passports. The idea analyzed by the European Parliament was criticized by both the participants in the PIE survey and the discussions. They indicated that the vaccine protects against death and the dangerous path of the coronavirus, and that those who are vaccinated remain a source of infection. We do not have evidence that the vaccine prevents infection and disease transmission. I am against such privileges because it is another element that divides rather than communication – the professor argued. Paradoska-Stankovic.

Regardless of the public’s stance on vaccination, there are two pathways to stem the epidemic. The first is restrictions and restrictions, and the second – vaccinations. – Neither of them was quick, but given Israel and Great Britain, where the majority of the population was vaccinated, it was decided to ease restrictions, and it can be said in Israel that social life has been restored – the professor notes. Paradowska-Stankiewicz. It indicates that the Corona virus cannot be completely fought. It is not as if the virus will disappear after a while. It will remain an element of the landscape, and since we are not immune we must do something to prevent mass deaths, as in India, the epidemiologist warns.

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