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Rebuilding Poles' Health After the Pandemic.  Prevention, diagnosis and treatment

Rebuilding Poles’ Health After the Pandemic. Prevention, diagnosis and treatment

Dr. Roman Tobor Midre, President of AOTMiT, He noted that the fact that some health problems and risk factors afflicted Poles before the COVID-19 pandemic could have made the epidemic in Poland more severe than it is in Western European societies. PhD in economics. Małgorzata Gałązka-Sobotka, Director of the Institute of Health Care Management at Lazarski University and Board Member of the NFZOne of the most serious problems, he emphasized, was the lack of preparedness, the “unsustainability” of the Polish healthcare system and the shortage of medical staff. She emphasized that in the event of a shortage of medical cards, it is necessary to transfer some competencies to other professions, as happened now in the case of vaccinations, where nurses were allowed to be vaccinated for the first time.

Michał Kępowicz, Director of Strategic Relationships at Philips HealthcareEmphasize the role of digitization and data access in healthcare and the personalization of medicine. a. Teresa Jakoska, National Consultant in Paediatrics, and Jacob Zulk, Director of E&Y, emphasized the need to improve prevention and promote vaccinations, as well as extend the vaccination schedule, including o HPV vaccine in addition to highly concentrated vaccines.

a. Ewa Marcinowska-Suchowierska, Head of the Department of Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and Orthopedic Metabolism, CMPK in Warsaw He stressed the need for appropriate care for the elderly, including prevention and treatment of the effects of osteoporosis. 30-40 percent of people with a hip fracture die within a year. Every year, approximately 120,000 patients are operated on for osteoporotic fractures. Persons. She also talked about the systemic changes that must be introduced in the treatment of osteoporosis patients.

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The conference hosted: Katarzyna Pinkosz (Do Rzeczy) and Krzysztof Jakubiak (mZdrowie)