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Shocking end to pole fight in UFC!  Not clicked [WIDEO]

Shocking end to pole fight in UFC! Not clicked [WIDEO]

Bartosz Fabiński faced UFC Vegas 24 with former Oscar competitor Gerald Mearshart. The duel planned for three five-minute rounds turned out to be surprisingly short, with the American only needing two minutes to win.

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As indicated on the portal, Meerschaert immediately started with the right straight way, but Fabiński punched and the exchange started. The American drove under the network and began working there. The competitor managed to reverse the position after a while, and then worked very actively in grabbing. After separation Fabinsky He stood on his feet, but he left his head by mistake. Soon Mirchart took advantage of this and set up a guillotine. The choke was really strong, but the pole didn’t squeeze it out. After the judge saw that Vabinski had lost consciousness, he stopped Walks.

Fans return to the stands. The UFC show sold out in seconds thanks to the superstar of the night

Gerald Mearshart, 33, has a record of 15-32, but 24 of the 32 victories came from capitulation. Likewise, in July 2018, he also defeated another Polish, Oscar Peschota. Bartosz Fabiński has a budget of 15-5. at UFC He fought seven duels, four of which he won.

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