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Artystka disco polo opuściła szpital! Gwiazda w dalszym ciągu walczy o swoje zdrowie!

The disco polo artist has left the hospital! The star continues to fight for her health!

After a stay full of stress and anxiety in the hospital The disco polo artist is back home to recover and recover as quickly as possible. As she wrote herself, being with loved ones and returning to work will definitely speed up the recovery process. Unfortunately, this is not the end of the struggle for health, another necessary treatment!

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Disco Polo singer fought for health!

Disco polo artist She has experienced horror moments in her life. After spending this year’s outing in the hospital, Monica Chuajo finally returns to her relatives.

At home, it is gaining strength for the next treatment, which will be performed as soon as the swelling disappears. The whole situation, apart from the fact that it cost the artist a lot of nerves, stress and concerns for her health and life, also brought her a lot of thinking, which she shared with fans:

in the hospital I have noticed people who are very sick and suffering, sometimes with poor expectations for the future, these are just problems. So I wiped the tears from my eyes, raised my head and looked positively at life!

The artist thanked all her fans for their invitations, support and kind words that could enhance strength in difficult times.

Another battle for the star’s health

Although there was another battle for health before Monica, it is so The artist approaches her with a better position and full of hope, That everything will be fine. Monica, we wish you a lot of strength and a speedy recovery. No disease can defeat a strong and wonderful woman like you!

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