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The end of the claim?

Scientists from Novosibirsk have developed a device that allows examiners to capture the earphone signals that students use for prompts. More than half of Novosibirsk Medical College students admitted to using it.

The tool was invented by scientists from Novosibirsk Polytechnic and tested in the laboratories of the City State Medical University. By the way, they asked the future doctors about the use of mobile communication during exams. It turns out to be 84 percent. Students used the earphones at least once to get a cue from their classmates, and 56 percent. He uses it in every session.

“Our technology can capture the earbud’s induction loop signal and transmit it to the speaker. The device emits waves that define the signal of the earphones, and then, using the built-in neural network, it recognizes the words spoken in the earpiece and uses the loudspeaker to convert it into sound” – said the author of the invention, Denise Robloo.

The main advantage of the device is that it not only distorts the signal, but also detects the person using the headphones, confirms the state newspaper “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

Polytechnic spokesperson Yuri Lubanov confirmed that during tests of the device, scientists also confirmed that earphones can be harmful. In Russia, there have already been cases of students who had surgery after exams, in which small headphones were removed from their ear canals.

The Novosibirsk education authorities supported the invention and required the Russian Ministry of Education to assess its potential for use on a national scale.

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This is not the end: Scientists from Novosibirsk have already held talks with the International Chess Federation, because – as it turned out later – dishonest participants in chess tournaments also use earphones.

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