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The Netherlands and Poland briefly won the Billy Jean King Cup in the playoffs

The Netherlands and Poland briefly won the Billy Jean King Cup in the playoffs

The Netherlands and Poland had to beat the doubles pair in the overtime Billy Jean King Cup on Saturday, but Britain, Italy and Canada enjoyed an easy transition.

At Den Bosch, the Dutch missed out on 11th place in the world and Kiki Bertens’ second-day injury, losing 2-1 to China after beating Wang Xiu Leslie Kerko in the first match on Saturday. But Aronsta Russ Wang equalized the score by knocking out Xinhua, then defeating Zhang Shui and Xu Yifan and sending the host along with Demi Shures.

In Poland it was crowded, where the host was pushed to the edge of the host.

In the decisive doubles match, Brazilian Carolina Maligno Alves Katarcina equalized after beating Gava, but Gava and Magdalena Freach returned from the set, beating Meligenie Alves and Luis Stephanie 3-2.

Kazakhstan also won a decisive flat tire to see Argentina.

Britain overthrew Mexico

Britain took a 2-0 lead against Mexico City in London, but Marcela Zacharias beat Heather Watson to keep the dive alive. Katie Boulder became very strong for Giuliana Olmos.

Italy beat Romania 3-1, Canadian teen Leila Annie Fernandez sealed her country’s lead with a three – set lead of three sets against Nina Stojanovic. Ukraine beat Japan 4-0, Anastasija Sevastova beat Latvia They beat India 3-1.

The eight winners will advance to next year’s qualifying round, where they hope to advance to the Billy Jean King Cup final in 2022. The old Fed Cup was renamed last year and was recognized as America’s best 12-time Grand Slam solo champion who won the opening match almost 60 years ago.

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The 12-team finals have been postponed this year due to an epidemic, and a new date has not yet been set.