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The royal family celebrates the second birthday of Meghan and Harry's son, and fans mock: "New photos are missing"

The royal family celebrates the second birthday of Meghan and Harry’s son, and fans mock: “New photos are missing”

“They have no current photos!” Dear God, if until now I observed this attack as an amazing social phenomenon, it is impossible now to be silent. The attack is marching under the slogan: Let’s catch each other, the people, preferably with buckets, and whoever spills the most, wins! 20 seconds full of pig satisfaction. But the absurd begins to chase the absurd. Do you really think on such an enormous scale that nowadays no one has ever received a single picture of a grandson or nephew? After all, such an image does not need to be immediately decorated with declarations of love, even if you believe in the deadly silence between father and son or brothers, while this image is the content of private archives. An official photo was used here, captured during a joyful and solemn moment. After all, it’s not about liking someone or not, but are you all so deluded that you totally fail to notice that what Megan is being accused of has completely escaped by others or been treated as normal human activity? Even this unfortunate children’s book: In this mass hysteria, there was a cry that such an evil daughter had the audacity to use the word “father”. Well … someone will correct me if I’m wrong: Megan invited her father to her wedding, during the ceremony he was supposed to take her to the altar, but then geszefcik came out, which her loving father won on his side with the tabloid. He was supposed to sell backstage photos and rumors of the event to newspapers.

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