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United States.  Joe Biden sent an "unofficial" delegation to Taiwan

United States. Joe Biden sent an “unofficial” delegation to Taiwan

Former Senators Christopher Todd and former Secretary of State Richard Armitage and James Steinberg are part of a US “unofficial delegation” that flew to Taipei on Wednesday. The visit is aimed at reaffirming Washington’s support for democracy in Taiwan and the island.

“The election of these three people, top politicians and longtime friends of Taiwan, being close personally with President Biden is a key signal of US commitment to Taiwan and its democracy,” the White House said. The Taiwan Central Information Agency stressed that Christopher Todd was the friend of Joe Biden, who chaired the delegation, which greatly underscores the commitment of the current administration to the Taiwanese cause.

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The visit of the delegation coincided with the 42nd anniversary of the adoption of the Taiwan Relations Act (DRA) by the United States. The law, passed in 1979 after the severance of official relations with Taiwan, is still the basis for US-Taiwan relations.

New Ship Launch Ceremony at Kahyun Port in TaiwanRichie P. Tongo / BAP / EPA

A spokesman for President Zhang Tun-Han pointed out that Christopher Todd was known for his involvement in Taiwanese affairs and was one of the leading politicians during the TAR-related missions adopted 40 years ago. Also, the former deputy secretaries have previously visited Taiwan, who are familiar with the local political situation and are known as friends of the country.

According to information provided by President Ghaz’s office, the delegation will attend a morning meeting and dinner at Ghaz’s residence. During the talks, security issues in the Asia-Pacific region and the latest serious provocations by the Chinese military will be discussed.

Joe Biden sent an “unofficial” delegation to TaiwanPete Marovich / BAP / EPA

On Friday, the State Department said it had issued new guidelines that would allow U.S. executives to communicate more freely with Taiwanese politicians, Reuters hopes, in response to Beijing’s increasingly provocative behavior in Taipei. “The United States stands with its friends and allies in the Indian and Pacific Oceans … This applies to our relations with Taiwan,” the statement said.

Chinese planes occupy Taiwan’s airspace

On Monday 25 Chinese military aircraft The Taiwanese Defense Ministry has said that Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ) has been breached from the southwest.

Recently, it has become customary for the PRC to violate the Taiwanese ADIZ zone. Tensions are rising in the waters off Taiwan, with the US Navy ship USS John S. McCain recently traveled there. At the same time, near Taiwan, China was conducting exercises with the Liaoning aircraft carrier.

On Sunday, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken pledged that the United States was committed to providing Taiwan with the capability to defend itself and maintain peace in the West Pacific.

China and Taiwan BAP / Adam Siminovich

Key Photo Source: Pete Marovich / BAP / EPA

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