The coalition crisis in Slovakia is intensifying.

Slovak Economy Minister Richard Sulak has announced his resignation as leader of the four liberal parties of the Slovak ruling coalition, Freedom and Unity (SASS). He is the third government minister to resign in two weeks.

Within the coalition, Sulak demanded that Prime Minister Igor Madovic step down. He acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Lukashenko’s government, but said that maintaining some independence was important for Madovic’s resignation. “I will keep my promise. (.) I hope this move of mine will help the government to function again after a restructuring,” Sulak declared. He said the prime minister should step down because he “could not lead the government”.

Madovic announced on Sunday that he was ready to resign as head of state and replace another in government if certain conditions were met. It is included in these terms

  • Richard Sulagnak,
  • Maria Golkova, Minister of Justice (for the people),
  • Juraj Selika, Vice President of the Bratislava Parliament (for the People), and
  • Jana Pitte Chikinikova (Chas) resigns as chairman of the Parliamentary Health Committee

The coalition is redistributing ministerial posts based on the balance of power that emerged after last spring’s elections. When the ruling coalition was formed a year ago, he aimed to meet the demands of the prime minister’s resignation – the two smaller liberal parties in the ruling coalition, the Sass and the People’s Party – to give them positions beyond their weight.

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Responding to a question at a press conference on Monday, Sulak said he would not resign as chairman of the parliamentary health committee they had recommended and would reject Matovic’s offer to redistribute ministerial posts within the coalition. They are ready to negotiate further on the future of the coalition, but if there is no agreement and Madovic does not resign, other Sass ministers will also resign on Thursday, as Sass will not be part of the coalition. Sulak said if Madovic resigned as head of government, he would also seek another post in the cabinet if he wanted to remain a member of the government.

Even if one of the three smaller ruling parties leaves the coalition, Igor Madovich’s cabinet will retain its majority in parliament, but will lose if both parties leave. The centrist simple people and the Liberals (OLaNO), the largest party in the coalition, have repeatedly stood clear to Igor Madovic. The second strongest party in the coalition, the Center-Right We Are Family (Sme Rodina), has previously linked the stay to some social activities, and – they seem to agree.

Within the Slovak ruling coalition, the situation has been tense for weeks, with opinions on epidemic management within each party – somewhat different – and personal conflicts between Richard Sulak and Igor Madovic. Situation Then he became even more angryThe Prime Minister decided against the Liberals against Slovakia Russia buys the Sputnik V vaccine. Since then, there has been almost constant pressure on the prime minister to leave the two smaller, liberal parties in the ruling coalition. The government’s coalition council is expected to convene on Monday afternoon.

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The Slovak government bans tourism

M.D.I.The world

Due to the epidemic situation, only Slovak nationals who do not go on retirement can leave the country on Saturday.

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